Onward Singapore
Story written By Smita
Positive Therapy

Manyata & Rohit were looking forward to celebrate my birthday in a grand way without letting me know with a barely curbed impatience. I was in merry mood & was extremely delighted from the beginning of the day. Mamma, we are waiting for you, she called me at workplace. They all were smiling once I reached home. Perhaps it was cruel destiny which snatched my laughter just after two days when that shocking incident occurred; on 14th august which changed my life completely. Manyata, my daughter had planned lot of surprises with the help of my son Rohit. All I can say that this birthday was really wonderful and a never before experience. Since the dawn of the day I was being showered with joy & laughter in various forms & at the end of the day after candle light dinner, cake cutting & dancing I felt as I was in cloud nine. Fully contented, extremely happy with everything. Just before sunset on 14th August 2019, my helper Gurpreet rushed to me seeking help for lifting my daughter from the floor who was found unconscious. We all had come back after work & all of a sudden, I myself heard painful shrill from the living room. We all rushed hastily & what we saw that Manyata was unconscious. Who cast an evil eye was my first reaction in my mind? Somehow, I tried to control my emotions but I am a mother and its hardly unbearable to see our own child in this condition.

Our testing time began after that. Doctors confirmed that it was hormonal changes in her body and she will be alright as her tests were found normal. We were at relief after all the formalities. Everything was as normal as before.

Positive approach in life directed me to follow that which led me to a special & magnificent place of hope. Hard tests barely spared me & I decided myself to end this painful time forever& surprisingly happiness era opened its locked door where she was protected. I recalled the day when she was unconscious. She used to be a good basketball player and that day she continuously played for 2 hours in hot scorching sun. she made many goals and she overwhelmingly shared that to her friends and me by messaging. As a child she was like solitary learner and she used to spend lot of times doing everything on her own which could be easily solved by asking anyone else. I analysed myself and concluded that as a mother I couldn't give her much time. I started spending lot of time with her, listening to her problems, playing basketball for a while on weekends. She shared lot of stories which stressed her. Her friend was moving to USA forever this was her first stress. Another one was her complaint about lack of time to complete her pile of home work on time. We as parents place lot of stress upon our children to perform well in school & bring home good grades. I too was no different.

No doubt it was a difficult task assigned to me but I accepted. It's not merely a dream but a truth of life; painful job. She was declared a winner of life A year passed by with grief, pain & sorrow. Once again, it's my birthday tomorrow & I am looking forward to celebrate with double joy. what was in store of destiny; it was struggle but just to show me the way of positivity, firm belief, eternal faith. Love life as much as we live is just a sentence but this is the way to go. I cannot forget to thank Singapore Teachers especially Madam Rohini & friends who are epitome; Together we can. SG United always.