Onward Singapore
Story written By Jeremy Lim
Today, I wanted to share a story about my own brother - Jack, who is a true blue Singaporean who has went overseas to Japan to work.

Jack could not believe his ears. He thanked his boss from the bottom of his heart. He always had a dream to go abroad and settle there but looking at the financial status of our family, he never expressed his desire to our parents. But now, he was on cloud nine. He could live his dream and he had earned it on his own merits.

Our parents were speechless when they got the news. They did not want their youngest son to leave them and go abroad but they also did not want to become a hurdle in their son's flourishing career. So, they made up their mind and congratulated him for another feather in his cap. Within two weeks, Jack received his work permit and he flew to Japan. Initial days were really good for him since he was busy with his work in the office on weekdays and he explored the new country on weekends. He visited most of the tourist places in different part of Tokyo. He was really spell bound by the beauty of the new country.

After two months, he started feeling homesick as there was nothing much to do in weekends since he had covered all the tourist places. As more months passed by, he started missing our parents badly. He missed all the love and affection of our parents. He started feeling alone in the crowd. He desperately wanted to go back to Singapore. He was eagerly waiting for the days to pass by. He thought to himself Is this what I really wanted? Was I not really happy when I was in my own country with my own people? Why did I think of settling in abroad? He thought a lot about it but he could do nothing. The company had put a lot of faith in him. He could not ruin his company's name. So he decided to stay back and complete his duration but he missed Singapore a lot in his heart.

Finally, a year passed by and Jack heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at his performance, the clients wanted to extend his duration in Singapore but Jack convinced them that he would work with the same dedication and passion from Singapore. Initially, the clients were reluctant but Jack was adamant so they had to agree. When he landed in Singapore, tears rolled down his cheeks and he spoke to himself. A value is not valued until you value its value. He had truly understood the value of Singapore and his family in this one year.