Onward Singapore

Navigating the pandemic as a musician

By Tin Box The Live House, Wilson
2020 continues to be an egregiously exhausting year and it’s no doubt the entertainment scene took one of the hardest hits this pandemic. Fast forward to August, it has already been 3 full months since the Circuit Breaker measures were enforced in Singapore.

For Tin Box The Live House Resident Singer, Wilson Huang, he managed to dodge a (tiny) bullet when he released his single, Secret Love, back in February. But before he could properly begin his promotional plans for this release, Singapore was next on the COVID-19's hit-list, prompting Wilson to cancel whatever he had in stores.

Gone were the filming opportunities, concerts gigs and music releases he had planned for the rest of the year. And to add salt to the already-sore wound, many businesses were shutting their gates, causing Wilson’s career to grind to an immediate, disastrous halt.

As the country slips into a period of uncertainty, it becomes evident that the economy was hurtling itself towards a record-breaking recession and there was nothing neither Wilson could do to stop its trajectory.

This was when Wilson realised it was fight-or-flight.

It might not have been all doom and gloom but for Wilson, it definitely wasn’t time for him to be dwelling on the what-ifs. During this downtime, he made an effort to change his game plans and made sure he dedicated some time to honing his craft. "Before joining Tin Box, I could only play the piano and sing," Wilson reveals, "But with COVID-19, I now have more time for in-house productions, social media and practise".

But yet again, Wilson has faced an unprecedented hurdle. As days turned to a month; a month turned to three, he was starting to feel wearisome. In the beginning, Wilson mentioned it wasn't too bad for him but as the months passed, "the changes get harder to adapt and it becomes tougher when I realise I am not being able to sing for people like I used to".

Given the circumstances, Wilson recognises the importance of social media. However, for the singer, nothing can beat performing live in front of a crowd. As a listener himself, "lying in bed and listening to a song through the speakers can never measure up to the atmosphere at a live venue".

Despite the circumstances, Wilson makes do with what he receives. Armed with his voice and camera on hand, he uploads content onto his social media channels to keep his fans updated on his whereabouts. From song covers to behind-the-scene photos, there’s never a boring day with Wilson.

He can't wait to see and perform for everyone again, but In the mean time, catch him on Tin Box The Live House's social media platforms where they will be uploading weekly content for you to enjoy!