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The Show Goes on for Sherman Zhuo

By Tin Box The Live House, Sherman Zhuo
These are uncertain times for our Tin Box The Live House Resident Musicians. As COVID-19 wreaks havoc throughout the country, many businesses are reduced to a shell of its former self. The life of a party is nothing more than a bunch of empty tables and chairs–almost like a ghost town. Music is the crux of any musician but with the entertainment scene coming to a nearly-complete standstill during the pandemic, just what can be done to negate the rough seas? For Sherman Zhuo, shifting his work online seemed like the soundest plan of action.

In situations like these, he says its important to determine whether you’ll view the cup half-full or half-empty. "Sometimes," Sherman says, "It’s all about perspective and how we train ourselves to see certain things in a certain light”. So Sherman had to adapt or risk getting swept away by the current.

Many artists, Sherman included, are taking matters into their own hands by responding to this pandemic with ingenious solutions. For one, he has been regularly uploading song covers onto his social media channels and has garnered a sizeable audience.

Additionally, he took this opportunity to release his second Chinese single titled, 不习惯. According to the singer-songwriter, “I chose to launch (my single) during the Circuit Breaker because the song fits the theme of our current feelings very well: We’re all not used to this separation and longing".

For live musicians, the notion of intimate experiences forms the basis of each performance. “When we are performing, guests can see every emotion, every part of us,” Sherman states, “Every song we sing here are based on the reactions from the crowd, it’s unlike recording at home where everything is more technical”.

When releasing song covers online, it’s no doubt performing in front of a viewfinder would feel one-dimensional. Unlike live performances, there is no way a musician can anticipate their next steps, and there is no way a musician can incorporate the raw, tribal flairs they would usually give off at a live show. Sherman admits, “Having this platform forcefully taken away from us opens our eyes up to the invisible privilege we often take for granted”.

With no end in sight, musicians like Sherman are constantly finding ways to fight back against this Goliath of an illness. But till then, you can catch up with the Resident Singers through Tin Box’s social media platforms where they will be uploading weekly content for you to enjoy!