Onward Singapore

Advocating Positive Vibes through Petals Storytelling

By Petals Artistry
At Petals Artistry, every petal has a story. Whether you wanna perk your loved ones up during this gloomy climate of the pandemic or a boost of “Fighting” empowerment, we strive to deliver the very petals of gifts and florals that bring you strength and resilience, joy and bliss. Awaken your senses and mend the soul as the floral scents transport you through every page. “Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful, they are sunshine food and medicine to the soul” - Luther Burbank

The founder, Silvia Goh, has established several milestones in the Entertainment and Advertising industry abroad for over 2 decades. Returning home and now taking to flowers to manifest her version of storytelling, Silvia now focuses on radiating positive vibes and energy in creating happiness via posies. “Open your petals of power and beauty, fling out the fragrance of your life!” The journey of shaping the many chapters of life story telling has been an amazing and humbling experience. Onwards and upwards, as we strive to continue disruption and innovation in our Petals Storytelling with our clients alike.