Onward Singapore

Together, A Stronger Singapore

By Black Hair Salon
We fought, and we survived. “Together, A Stronger Singapore”. This is our COVID-19 story. Black Hair Salon was founded by Raymond and Anthony in year 2000. We are known for a warm and serene ambience, with a penchant for creative hair makeover. Little did we know that our safe and serene environment was about to change, and it changed so drastically, and so quickly. It started with the need to wear masks and social distancing measures kicked in. Suddenly, we were in lockdown, with almost all businesses in Singapore suspended, and we were no exception. It was an unimaginable crisis throughout the 20 years of managing the business as the salon’s business got suspended – which has never happened before. The business took a huge hit. To manage the business’ cashflow and survival, the bosses had voluntarily cut their salary. At the same time, they continued to pay their employees, as the leaders at Black Hair Salon value their employees and believe in giving their best support during this difficult period. As a hair salon, our motto is to provide a happy and welcoming sanctuary that gives off a vibrant atmosphere and unwavering hospitality to our customers. Internally, we seek to have a strongly bonded team with a positive mindset. To stay strong together as a team, we motivated ourselves to stay strong and stay positive throughout the tough circuit breaker period, even with huge uncertainty for the future. This is what we did:

• We picked up new skills, learning to film videos at home;
• Continued to interact with our audience with fun lifestyle videos and hair styling tips;
• Had regular Zoom video calls and games for the team to keep the team spirit positive.

Finally, the time came. We were the lucky few to be able to open the soonest as circuit breaker measures were relaxed. All the stylists were elated to get back to work, serving customers with a passionate heart. Today, Black Hair Salon is stronger than before the crisis happened. The skills that we picked up at home made our business even better as we continually try to innovate and deliver our best services. We have also stepped up our sanitizing efforts immensely, and will continue to do so. Hope to see you here!